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Apply for Electrical Supervisior License


Electrical Supervisior License

The applicant must be a domicile of Rajasthan. The applicant should possess workmen Permit after Diploma in Electrical Engineering .The applicant should possess Electrical Supervisor’s Certificate of Competency Degree in Electrical Engineering or Diploma in Electrical Engineering or must be a person with 10 (Ten) years experience in electrical works. "Certificate" means the certificate of competency granted under these rules to work as Supervisor or Wiremen upon qualifying in the examination conducted by the Technical Committee or body/institution appointed by the Government;

"Electrical Installation Works" means all electric work on a new installation or work in any way altering the capacity or character of an existing installation, for the generation, transmission, storage or distribution of electrical energy for all purposes in every type of dwelling house, business premises, public building, factory and its appurtenance, out houses and places of public entertainment and gathering, whether supplied from a public electrical supply undertaking or from power plant owned by Government or from private plant or any sources of generation whatsoever;